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Multitasking Miracle Optico

Published: 30.11.2018

The new LTS ceiling luminaire makes the space that bit healthier

LTS Optico Produktabbildung
With innovative tube technology, Optico provides glare-free illumination. The sound-absorbing surface contributes towards an improvement in acoustics.

Mobile phones are ringing, doors are banging, shredders are whirring… bad acoustics in bustling open-plan offi ces cost nerves and money. The World Health Organization estimates the proportion of offi ces with poor acoustics to be at 80 percent. The increasing need of modern humans for better health and higher effi ciency was reason for the LTS engineers to make this aspect the focus of product development.

The ceiling luminaire, Optico, is the answer to urgent questions for an innovative solution. Its surface is designed in such a way that it absorbs the sound in the room. Independent studies have demonstrated a sound-absorption level of up to 0.50. According to expert opinion, Optico can therefore offi cially be called sound-absorbing. The result is a low-noise acoustic environment which contributes towards a tangible improvement in the working atmosphere and thus towards a productive workflow.

The added-value expert for acoustics and lighting

Optico was developed to be able to respond to the requirements of a modern office. Besides acoustics, lighting is naturally one of the top-priority criteria for an ideal work place, and it is also causally linked with the motivation and productivity of staff.

Innovative tube technology permits the light source to be slightly recessed inside the luminaire housing so that it is not directly visible. Together with a standard radiation angle of 60°, this guarantees optimum and glare-free illumination of the work place (UGR<15).

As a recessed luminaire for grid ceilings, Optico can also be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. This makes the luminaire the perfect candidate for replacements and for new buildings. In the standard colours, black, silver and white, and in all the special colours (RAL), Optico either blends into the interior design or creates colourful highlights. The product is also flexible due to the Tunable White Light option, which enables the colour temperature to be completely variably adjusted from warm white to cold white.

Thanks to state-of-the-art lens technology, the Optico innovation can be very efficiently operated with a system efficiency of A++.


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