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The Bixx luminaire family has undergone an evolution - the new generation is called Bixx Evo. This newly developed model represents an exceptional track-mounted spotlight with a well-balanced benefit-cost ratio. Thanks to its compact shape, instead of being a distraction, Bixx Evo focuses attention on the objects to be illuminated. The Bixx Evo design has had a refresh and now the retail spotlight is back with a new look. The mirror reflector is made of plastic for the first time. It boasts precise, symmetrical beam characteristics for optimum luminous efficiency. This innovative plastic reflector is embedded in a more compact and rounded housing with an organic design. The light-head of the light-weight luminaire consists of die-cast aluminium and the innovative thermal management includes a lamellar passive cooling system. The result is the new Bixx Evo track-mounted spotlight, which has been designed particularly sustainably. At 3000 and 4000K, the high-performance allrounder is available in three housing colours, with two power levels and two beam angles.

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Name UGR (C0/C90)
BIXX-T 102.830.35 35° 3000 K 23.5 W 2730 lm 116.17 lm/W 16.7/16.7
BIXX-T 102.830.50 50° 3000 K 23.5 W 2650 lm 112.76 lm/W 20.4/20.4
BIXX-T 102.840.35 35° 4000 K 23.5 W 2880 lm 122.55 lm/W 16.9/16.9
BIXX-T 102.840.50 50° 4000 K 23.5 W 2800 lm 119.14 lm/W 20.6/20.6
BIXX-T 103.830.35 35° 3000 K 33.4 W 3710 lm 111.07 lm/W 17.7/17.7
BIXX-T 103.830.50 50° 3000 K 33.4 W 3620 lm 108.38 lm/W 21.5/21.5
BIXX-T 103.840.35 35° 4000 K 33.4 W 3920 lm 117.36 lm/W 17.9/17.9
BIXX-T 103.840.50 50° 4000 K 33.4 W 3820 lm 114.37 lm/W 21.6/21.6

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