Bus Tracks Professional

EUB 22

EUB 22

surface-mounted track with data bus (length: 4000 mm), also suitable for 3-phase track adapters without bus function, realisation of lighting tasks with DALI, 7-conductor track with 3 separately controllable current circuits, extruded aluminium profile which also functions as earth and 2 inserted plastic profiles carrying 4 embedded 2.5 mm2 copper conductors, extra cutting of the copper conductors when shortening the track is not necessary, easy mounting with pre-punched oval mounting holes, max. mechanical load per meter: 2-point suspension 4 x 3 kg/m, 3-point suspension 4 x 5 kg/m, direct ceiling mounting 3 x 10 kg/m, integration in the building management system KNX possible, access to data information with bus adapter on any spot along the contact track possible, licensed for direct handling, max. electrical load: AC mains power supply 3.6 kVA, 3-phase network 3 x 3.6 kVA = 10.8 kVA

Technical data

Supply voltage:220 - 240 V / 16 A
Dimensions (LxWxH):4000 x 36 x 32 mm
Weight:3.69 kg
Colour: black, silver, traffic white

Article overview

Article no.EANNameProduct picture
6146684043544110824EUB 22 BLACK /EUTRAC 225-402
6211554043544167088EUB 22 SILVER /EUTRAC 225-403
6567874043544655950EUB 22 T-WHITE /EUTRAC 225-406


EU 28

wire-rope suspension 2-fold with stabilizer

EU 35

end cover

EUB 24

feed-in with protective conductor left live-end

EUB 25

feed-in with protective conductor right live-end

EUB 26

electric linear connector inside

EUB 27

corner connector with protective conductor inside

EUB 29

T-connector with protective conductor inside right

EUB 30

T-connector with protective conductor inside left

EUB 31


EUB 32

T-connector with protective conductor outside right

EUB 33

flexible connector

EUB 34

T-connector with protective conductor outside left

EUB 78

electric linear connector

EUB 79

corner connector with protective conductor outside

EUB 81

centre feed-in


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