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SCOUT 202.940.35.2/DALI-EU

SCOUT 202.940.35.2/DALI-EU

Special options

flexible track-mounted spotlight in separated design with cylindrical light-head, light-head rotates through 355° and pivots through 90° via integrated articulated arm, outstanding ease of maintenance, no UV and thermal emissions, light-head made from die-cast aluminium, innovative thermal management with design-integrated passive cooling, high performance specular aluminium reflector with precise symmetrical beam characteristic for high luminous efficiency and glare-free lighting, ballast housing made from aluminium, clear and reflection-free EnergyVision safety glass, 3-phase track adapter DALI (Eutrac), ballast (LED converter DALI, dimmable) integrated

Technical data

Lamps:LED Spot / CRI 90 / 4000 K
EPREL light sources:848115
Lifetime:L90 B50 50.000 h
L80 B50 100.000 h
L80 B20 50.000 h
System power: 21.0 W
Luminaire luminous flux: 2430 lm
System efficiency: 115.71 lm/W
Module efficiency: 145.64 lm/W
UGR class:≤19
Beam angle:35°
Supply voltage:220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Supply unit:ballast (LED converter DALI, dimmable)
Dimensions (LxWxH):178 x 96 x 185 mm
Diameter of light head:96 mm
Protection class:I
Type of protection:IP20
Weight:1.30 kg
Colour: silver, black, white

Article overview

Article no.EANNameProduct picture
6604304043544692498SCOUT 202.940.35.2/DALI-EU SI
6604314043544692504SCOUT 202.940.35.2/DALI-EU BK
6604324043544692511SCOUT 202.940.35.2/DALI-EU WH


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