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Sonepar Glinde

Paul Gerdes


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LTS, the luminaire manufacturer from Tettnang in the Lake Constance region, designed the lighting and installed the luminaires in the ultra-modern CLAGE showroom. Brightness, spaciousness, transparency and practical use were among the top aspects of the requirements list. Impeccable lighting design, optimal acoustics and a pleasant indoor climate play a decisive role in this. The building is an architectural and technical highlight in the region and provides the perfect opportunity to present the company’s products in a forward-looking environment with a practical focus. The CLAGE lighting concept fully utilizes the effects light can have: On the one hand, the lighting mood invites visitors to stay and linger for a while, on the other hand, lighting also helps to clearly separate the service area.

Here, LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH demonstrates its ability to respond individually to customer wishes. Realised by filigree tracks with quality spotlights from LTS. These were specially developed for CLAGE from the Jamie product family and adapted to the customer's requirements. LTS used a customised configuration tailored to the lighting task. These CLAGE project luminaires create a successful lighting arrangement and set specific accents on meeting islands and meeting points.

Trendsetting and ultra-modern sales centre

The great advantage of presenting products on site lies in making both products and brand tangible in a real space. The top-quality light from LTS does more than simply present the high-class CLAGE products – it also provides for the atmosphere in the architectural space. Kitchen units, wash basins and different bathroom and shower scenarios have been skilfully integrated into the showroom to achieve this purpose. In combination with the spatial environment and the changing requirements of the products to be presented, the produced light always appears to be the perfect fit. Jonas Gerdes, summarizes this as follows:
“Both our employees and customers are enthusiastic about the lighting concept. The LTS spotlights illuminate the room optimally to show off all the features of the exhibited hot water appliances.”
-     Jonas Gerdes, assistant to the CLAGE board of management.

The unique lighting concept that is based on the ceiling-high window facade and the installed LTS spotlights specially adapted here for the customer, is an essential element of the dialogue with customers. The customised project luminaire appears to be delicate and light and remains discreetly in the background. The spotlights impress with their compact and minimum size and efficient light with excellent colour rendering (CRI 90) produced by the latest lens technology.

Energy-efficient instant water heaters presented sustainably

Visitors can experience very practical questions concerning the issue of hot water. The basic idea of electric instant water heaters is that they only heat as much water as is really needed and to exactly the desired temperature. Energy efficiency with every product.
Directed lighting guides visitors from wash basin to wash basin. Arranged around a curve, the products are illuminated by a line of spotlights mounted on a simple, bent power track. Screens above the different water supply points show the appliances’ real-time consumption data. Visitors can see directly how much energy they are consuming while washing their hands which allows them to compare the various models’ energy consumption. Glare-free illumination is very important in this context. With a UGR of less than 19, the spotlights ensure ideal readability on all screens. The lens technology from LTS also guarantees optimum efficiency, light yield and the previously described glare control. Four available light colours and three beam angles allow for a wide application range in accent lighting.

The rotating cabinet walls are another sophisticated detail used in the exhibition. Alternative products, installation diagrams or the appliances‘ inner workings become visible as needed. As a result, the exhibition can be adapted easily and quickly to the visitors’ particular interests. The individualised spotlights are equally flexible and can be ideally aligned with every new showroom situation. Each individual spotlight can be rotated 350° and each lighting head can be swivelled through 90 degrees.
LTS shows flexibility and is the contact when it comes to special requirements and individual lighting solutions. Special options such as Minus Blue, Casambi and Organic Response can also be realised.

Innovative showroom with sustainable luminaires

The exhibition concept uses ultra-modern presentation technology. Sustainability is an intrinsic part of the concept. The exhibition shows impressively that intelligent technology helps preserve resources without compromising comfort.
Among other things, the new building has been designed to generate the lowest possible operating costs and emissions. Energy savings are also achieved through efficient light management. State-of-the art LED lighting from LTS adjusts and reduces energy consumption. Thanks to low power consumption and the long service life of the high-quality luminaires, operating costs and CO2 emissions are reduced. The miniaturisation and material reduction of the luminaires make the compact LTS spotlights resource-efficient. In addition to saving raw materials, LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH is continuously researching and developing innovative and sustainable components and modules. The LTS spotlights are an excellent fit to achieve suitable solutions for CLAGE and meet both customer and corporate requirements. Energy-efficient spotlights and highly flexible lighting solutions create a symbiosis of sustainable lighting and responsible actions.