Scout Next

for Retail

Scout Next is the new generation of the tried and tested Scout 100 spotlight. The technical unit has been significantly minimized compared to the preceding model. The light-head has also been reduced in size and visually upgraded. Thanks to the compact design, the powerful track-mounted spotlight can be charmingly and discreetly integrated into the room in different scenarios. Produced in-house with a maximum vertical range of production, the high-performance reflector guarantees an optimum light yield simultaneously without glare. Scout Next exhibits a high colour rendering index (CRI) of 90. For challenging illumination tasks in the areas of baked goods, meat, produce and fashion, special LED modules provide a perfectly adjusted light spectrum. The Tunable White Light and PiLED technologies are the technical highlights of this product. The first allows the colour temperature and luminous intensity in the white light range to be altered via touch panel – from a daylight-white working light to warm white, atmospheric illumination. PiLED complements the white light range with all colours created by mixing red, mint green and blue. Scout Next may also be provided with the innovative MinusBlue technology on request. For more information about this technology, please see our website

Flyer Scout Next

The highlights in focus

  • technical unit made from aluminium
  • luminaire rotates through 350°
  • innovative thermal management with design-integrated passive cooling
  • light-head made from die-cast aluminium
  • high performance specular aluminium reflector for highest luminous efficiency and best glare-free lighting, highly non-reflecting clear safety glass
  • light-head pivots through 90°
  • 3-phase track adapter
<strong>The highlights</strong> in focus

Products from the series

Scout Next
Scout Next
Angle de rayonnement:
22°/26°/31°/32°/36°/50°/51°/60°/Oval 40/60
Puissance du système:
max. 46 W
flux lumineux:
max. 5410 lm
température de couleur:
2700/3000/4000/Produce K