Area illumination
is a special field

Area illumination is a special field: high lighting power for shops and fairs. These power packs are the optimum solution for high rooms and large surface areas. This is an enormous power which you would not expect in view of the stylish design with the high-quality reflectors made of super-purity aluminium. Last but not least, the EuroLED spotlights are protected by a rugged glass with high-grade anti-reflection coating which makes them suitable for the severe requirements of exhibition stands.

The highlights in focus

  • light-head pivots through 140°, made from die-cast aluminium
  • innovative thermal management with design-integrated passive cooling
  • specially curved reflector with hammer finish optic made from pure aluminium for very high luminous efficiency (also suitable for large-area lighting tasks),highly non-reflecting clear safety glass
  • technical unit made from aluminium
  • luminaire rotates through 355°
  • 3-phase track adapter (also availabe for surcace mounting ceiling/wall or tube mounting Ø 50 mm)
<strong>The highlights</strong> in focus

Products from the series

Angolo del fascio luminoso:
Prestazioni sistema:
34/50/57 W
flusso luminoso:
max. 4350/6470/7990 lm
Temperatura colore:
3000/4000 K