Advantages along
the line

Advantages along the line: an economic, versatile linear lighting system. Wherever a technically straightforward, economic linear lighting solution is needed, StraitLine is the ideal solution. The standardised LED modules are available in pre-assembled configurations in defined lengths and are interconnected by an eccentric element. After assembly, a foil is inserted quickly and easily into the section, which produces the beam angle. The wide range of applications is determined by two power stages for each module luminaire, two colour temperatures and different beam angles like narrow beam, wide beam and batwing. For the beam angles narrow beam and batwing the LTS designed nanoOptix lense foils are first used (thickness 0.6 mm).

The highlights in focus

  • ballast (included), insertable into profile
  • innovative thermal management with design-integrated passive cooling
  • spotlight rotates through 355° and pivots through 90°
  • spotlight made from die-cast aluminium
  • high performance specular aluminium reflector for highest luminous efficiency and best glare-free lighting, highly non-reflecting clear safety glass
  • tool-free mounting of the spotlight in the profile
<strong>The highlights</strong> in focus

Products from the series

Prestazioni sistema:
max. 89 W
flusso luminoso:
max. 10560 lm
Temperatura colore:
3000/4000 K