Lichtkanal 060 Curved

Curved light
endless bend

LTS has taken a new, curvy approach to lighting and revamped Lichtkanal 060, moving away from the straight light line towards a dynamic and organic shape. The soft design of Lichtkanal Curved creates new architectural scope for modern interior design. The curve collimators developed by LTS make absolutely homogeneous light direction a successful endeavour. This has the great benefit that all the advantages of the standard Lichtkanal 060, such as light quality, efficiency, light colour, colour reproduction, homogeneity and controllability equally apply to the curved version.

Flyer Lichtkanal 060 Curved

The highlights in focus

  • The only curved Lichtkanal
  • Available in three different radii with consistent light quality
  • With the proven Lichtkanal 060 efficiency of more than 120 lm/W
  • Curve collimators specifically developed by LTS to direct light around corners
  • Premium, functional and decorative light guaranteed
  • Direct/indirect lighting possible
<strong>The highlights</strong> in focus

Lichtkanal 060 Curved IN ACTION

Products from the series

Lichtkanal 060 Curved
Lichtkanal 060 Curved
1278 mm
90 mm