LTS in transition with tradition and the future

What started around 30 years ago as a garage business in Ravensburg (Upper Swabia) was, in fact, the beginning of a success story. While half of the team, which was still very small in those days, designed premium reflectors, the other half was reaching out to convince the retail sector of their value. The secret of the premium-quality luminaires spread quickly, with the benefit of their precision coupled with their energy efficiency. Gradually, LTS developed into a well-known company for premium lighting solutions.

The company location in Tettnang, close to Friedrichshafen, represents a clear commitment to the production site on Lake Constance. This is where the company has set down roots and, since 2010, it has been well-connected internationally in association with a strong corporate group.

Be it architectural lighting or lighting solutions for business, gastronomy and hotels. From small start-ups to bigger clients, LTS comprehensively takes care of their clients and offers intensive professional support.

Articulated robots and machines have taken over many of the tasks in the production facilities in the Tettnang industrial park. Over 150 skilled workers remain the most important asset in the approx. 19,000 square metre production and storage area. In the workshops, a large vertical range of manufacturing is carried out, from sheet production for reflectors to the powder coating system. This is not only a contribution towards sustainability, but it also gives LTS the flexibility to accommodate highly complex client requests.

Experienced staff employ a multidisciplinary approach and think outside the box, they develop ideas and the capacity to adapt production processes to the product design, without affecting the on-time delivery status. Customisations and special luminaires are generally available within the series lead time. When joining the individual parts of around 40,000 production orders annually, the company receives external support from local community workshops. A collaboration that benefits both parties. For the company, this is just one of many examples of their commitment to shouldering their social responsibility.


We are living these values every day:


Our premium quality is demonstrated in the reliable operation of the lighting solutions, but also in the selection of the supplied parts. We check whether the products comply with our optimum demands. Only then are they used. Our premium nature is also demonstrated in the quality of our processes. 


By analysing the markets, we discover critical trends and generate new ideas that we convert into valuable solutions. We are constantly refining our products. And we benefit from the outstanding technical knowledge and the many years of experience of our staff.


We are deeply rooted in our company location in Tettnang and in the Bodensee region. We are proud of our origins, products and technologies, as well as of our many years of history and the success achieved by our team. 


We say things as they are. We don’t sugar-coat matters and we constructively draw attention to any inconsistencies. This also involves recognising our mistakes and being ready to continue developing. We are open to discussion - even in the event of differing opinions. We act fairly and behave in a cooperative manner.


For us, working efficiently means that resources are handled sparingly. Efficiency is not an end in itself for us, rather it is a means to being highly effective. Processes are accelerated, hierarchies are dismantled and paths are forged for creative solutions.


For us, being dependable means solidarity among ourselves and beyond, support in all respects and operating in a service-oriented manner. This also involves good, seamless communication. We consider dependability as a matter of course.


Experience LTS at first hand - personally and individually: We are presenting you with our lighting solutions of today for tomorrow, in our showroom in Tettnang.