Light insert 070 IP65

Grand appearance
also outdoors

IP innovation with LTS: The Lichtkanal 070 is now available with a high protected light insert. It is the only light line of the LTS Lichtkanal family which can also be equipped with an IP65 light insert. The profile is identical to the standard Lichtkanal 070. Thanks to IP65, this especially by LTS developed insert is completely protected against water and dust. This means that the Light insert 070 IP65 is also perfectly suited for outdoor use. The Lichtkanal 070 offers a consistent appearance for continuous architectural light solutions that create a sense of flow from indoors to outdoors. As a light line that attracts attention, the Lichtkanal 070 is perfect for homogeneous and efficient lighting of halls, workshops, workplaces, garages and long hallways that also lead to roofed outdoor areas, such as terraces and parking areas. We also renovate your luminaires: All existing Lichtkanal systems can be switched over to LEDs and retrofitted with LEDs of the latest generation.

The highlights in focus

  • LED renovation of your existing luminaires
  • Highest protection class in the LTS Lichtkanal portfolio (IP65)
  • Flexible length despite IP65
  • Extended scope of application because of potential use in outdoor areas
  • Architectural light-line flow from indoors to outdoors and vice versa
  • Simple mounting – also with individual corner lighting solutions
<strong>The highlights</strong> in focus

Light insert 070 IP65 IN ACTION