Lichtkanal 060 Direct-Indirect

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Lichtkanal 060 DI is a system for direct/indirect lighting. In addition to direct room lighting, the Lichtkanal 060 DI also functions as an indirect source of light via an opposite light slot. This indirect light is reflected by the ceiling or the wall. It hardly casts any shadow and makes the light appear very soft. The direct/indirect lighting of the Lichtkanal 060 DI can enhance any space creating a pleasant, glare-free atmosphere. The aluminium profile is the basis of the system. The DI light effect comes into its own as a wall-mounted or pendant variant. The Lichtkanal 060 DI is complemented with light inserts which differ in their power and colour temperature. Sophisticated and smartly designed acrylic glass diffusers, films or the patented nanoOptix help master every kind of illumination task.

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The highlights in focus

  • Most efficient Lichtkanal 060 with 167 lm/W
  • Now eligible for BEG funding
  • The only Lichtkanal system which is available as the direct/indirect variant
  • easy installation – also for individual corner lighting solutions
  • Wide range of covers available in acrylic glass or as a film (nanoOptix)
  • Glare control – 360° glare-free light inserts for VDU workstations
<strong>The highlights</strong> in focus

Lichtkanal 060 Direct-Indirect IN ACTION

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Lichtkanal 060 Direct-Indirect
Lichtkanal 060 Direct-Indirect
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