Lichtkanal 060 Curved

Curved light
endless bend

LTS reinterprets the Lichtkanal 060. From now on, light is thought around the curve. From a straight line of light to a dynamic and organic form. The soft design language of the Lichtkanal Curved creates new architectural scope for modern interior design. Either it blends harmoniously into organic interiors, or it presents a visual highlight in straight-line architecture as a strong contrast. Thus, the Lichtkanal 060 Curved is used as a light-providing object in communicative spaces. The high-quality LED technology and homogeneous illumination throughout give the room a very high and friendly quality of stay. The options of direct/indirect lighting or purely direct lighting create additional character in the lighting concept, contributing to a complete lighting solution. This is achieved with the curved collimators developed by LTS. These can direct linear light absolutely homogeneously through a curve. This brings with it the enormous benefit that all the advantages of the standard Lichtkanal 060, such as light quality, efficiency, light colour, colour rendering, homogeneity and controllability, apply equally to the curve. The profile of the Lichtkanal 060 is available in three different radii of 513 mm, 692 mm and 1230 mm. The flexible length design of the Lichtkanal 060 and the architectural design and combination options between the standard light channel and the curved light line allow rooms with a variety of lighting elements to be realised.

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Articles Lichtkanal 060 Curved

LKDI-P 060.R05.090 OAG Lichtkanal 060 pendant profile (radius: 513 mm, angle: 90°)
LKDI-P 060.R07.090 OAG Lichtkanal 060 pendant profile (radius: 692 mm, angle: 90°)
LKDI-P 060.R12.090 OAG Lichtkanal 060 pendant profile (radius: 1230 mm, angle: 90°)