Lichtkanal 060 Direct-Indirect

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Lichtkanal 060: Architectural light-line suitable for any mounting type. After assembly, a foil is inserted quickly and easily into the section, which produces the beam angle. This not only offers tremendous advantages for installation but also ensures that joints are hidden. The wide range of applications is determined by two power stages for each light-insert, two colour temperatures and different beam angles like narrow beam, wide beam and batwing. For the beam angles narrow beam and batwing the LTS designed nanoOptix lense foils are first used (thickness 0.6 mm). Another highlight are the 360° glare-free light-inserts for workplace lighting.

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LKDI-P 060.001 OAG/... Lichtkanal 060 pendant & wall profile without diffuser (made-to-measure), suitable for foils and opal diffuser protruding
LKDI-P 060.001.090 OAG Lichtkanal 060 90° corner profile without diffuser, suitable for foils (incl. linear connectors)