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EU 20

EU 20

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surface-mounted track (length: 2000 mm), suitable for 3-phase track adapters, 5-conductor track with 3 separately controllable current circuits, extruded aluminium profile which also functions as earth and 2 inserted plastic profiles carrying 4 embedded 2.5 mm2 copper conductors, extra cutting of the copper conductors when shortening the track is not necessary, easy mounting with pre-punched oval mounting holes, max. mechanical load per meter: 2-point suspension 4 x 3 kg/m, 3-point suspension 4 x 5 kg/m, direct ceiling mounting 3 x 10 kg/m, licensed for direct handling, max. electrical load: AC mains power supply 3.6 kVA, 3-phase network 3 x 3.6 kVA = 10.8 kVA

Technical data

Supply voltage:220 - 240 V / 16 A
Dimensions (LxWxH):2000 x 36 x 32 mm
Weight:1.88 kg
Colour: black, silver, traffic white

Article overview

Article no.EANNameProduct picture
55210034043544027948EU 20 BLACK /EUTRAC 25-202
6079524043544074324EU 20 SILVER /EUTRAC 25-203
6567614043544655691EU 20 T-WHITE /EUTRAC 25-206


EU 23

fixing clamp

EU 24

feed-in with protective conductor left live-end

EU 25

feed-in with protective conductor right live-end

EU 26

electric linear connector inside

EU 27

corner connector with protective conductor inside

EU 28

wire-rope suspension 2-fold with stabilizer

EU 29

T-connector with protective conductor inside right

EU 30

T-connector with protective conductor inside left

EU 31


EU 32

T-connector with protective conductor outside right

EU 33

flexible connector

EU 34

T-connector with protective conductor outside left

EU 35

end cover

EU 37

cap for universal hook

EU 78

electric linear connector

EU 79

corner connector with protective conductor outside

EU 80

mechanical coupler

EU 81

centre feed-in

L 23/1500

wire-rope suspension (length: 1500 mm) + clamp EU 23

L 23/3000

wire-rope suspension (length: 3000 mm) + clamp EU 23

L 23/5000

wire-rope suspension (length: 5000 mm) + clamp EU 23


3-phase track adapter for wire-rope suspension


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