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Terso is a powerful pendant luminaire which combines simplistic design with a high gloss surface. The onlooker`s eye gets catched by the elegant appearance. Terso is an ideal solution for receptions, entrances, meeting rooms, etc. The flat version of Terso completes this series.

Articles Terso

TERSO 250.1830/DALI 250 mm 3000 K 19 W 1640 lm 86.31 lm/W ≤22
TERSO 250.1840/DALI 250 mm 4000 K 18 W 1600 lm 88.88 lm/W ≤22
TERSO 400.2430/DALI 400 mm 3000 K 26 W 2290 lm 88.07 lm/W ≤19
TERSO 400.2440/DALI 400 mm 4000 K 25 W 2400 lm 96.00 lm/W ≤19