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Creating a lighting concept for this premium brand means great responsibility. For the presentation of the goods at almost 200 points of sale, LTS luminaires produce a light that is tailored to the customers of Marc Cain. They have become a characteristic part of the shop world and, in addition to their properties as a design feature, they also create practical applications.

Marc Cain - the premium label has for many decades been a guarantee for customers who value first-class fashion and top quality. Because the optimal lighting plays a decisive role in all shops, the right lighting concept was given great importance. 

LTS has also devised a lighting concept for their flagship store in Kaufmannshaus, Hamburg. Recessed spotlights from the product family Scene, fit almost invisibly into the ceiling. The Torpedo 500 track-mounted spotlights remind us of stage or theatre lighting and create a red carpet atmosphere.

The new lighting concept from LTS was first installed in their flagship store in the Kaufmannshaus, Hamburg. Recessed spotlights from the Scene product family are fitted almost invisibly into the ceiling. Torpedo 500 track-mounted spotlights are reminiscent of stage or theatre illumination and recreate the atmosphere of the red carpet.

We wanted a distinctive lighting concept that would be consistent with our philosophy. We’ve been able to achieve this with LTS.

Marc Cain Interior Design Team, Bodelshausen

In addition to the lighting concept, emphasis was laid on the quality of the goods. In the showroom, illuminated frames were used to light up special objects. The light specialists at LTS have used the Lichtkanal 070 system for this purpose. A straight line of light became a custom-made rectangle white light. In this way, each mannequin has a large stage. 

Since the project started, the frame has not only been developed in different sizes and heights, but also further enhanced as a floating object. The frame is available in different versions and is an eye-catcher in the Marc Cain stores. 

Both concept development and also the optimization were done in very close collaboration with the planners of Marc Cain. LTS is a trusted partner for the lighting of international Marc Cain stores.