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Lighting designer
art plus werk GmbH & Co. KG

Photographer – Agentur für Fotografie

Solingen, Germany

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The ancient former manufacturer’s villa, Stöcken, in Solingen is not only shining in new splendour, but is also becoming a prime example of modern living. LTS presents light in a practical application and in different scenarios.

The result of seven years of renovations is remarkable also from a technical point of view. For example, in the walls there are dozens of speakers for the full HiFi experience, and 0.5 mm flat heating mats have been installed for the colder days. Over 40 partners from all different trades are showcased along with their expertise in Villa Stöcken, and they use the estate as a showroom to represent their work. LTS is among those with a permanent exhibition. Over the course of the events of the LTS Lichtforum, the spaces are also used as a venue for further training. 

The walls of the villa, originally built in the 19th century, now serve as the backdrop for aspirational art exhibitions. Surfaces, objects, painting and works of art are skilfully set centre stage by the spotlights from LTS. The luminaires themselves are integrated into the ceiling with a matching housing colour. Due to the way they are installed, frameless embedded ceiling luminaires from the PL product family do not only appear simple, discreet and elegant, they also give the room extra height and are reminiscent of skylights which draw the gaze upwards to the heavens. In offices and conference rooms, the LTS Trentino standing luminaire and controllable Lichtkanal light lines provide a comfortable lighting environment for working.