Jean-Marc Delettre - Photography

Amsterdam, Netherlands & Paris, France

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Last year, Wolford, with a 70-year tradition specialising in hosiery, lingerie and bodies, introduced their new brand image. Now the look and feel of this is being mirrored at the POS. Stores have been opened on P.C. Hoofstraat in Amsterdam and Rue Vieille du Temple in Paris. The new concept includes a tailor-made lighting design with spotlights from LTS. You might say this collaboration represents a Lake Constance connection – because the stockings and spotlights are produced within very close proximity of one another. Now they are making an international appearance together.

The Jamie spotlights are mounted on horizontal tracks and emit a warm, welcoming light which invites the visitors to explore and spend time browsing. Perfectly orientated to direct the customers’ attention towards the products, the subtle, straight spotlights themselves blend stylishly into the background. The passive cooling is entirely taken care of by the aluminium luminaire housing, enabling the size of the spotlights to be reduced. Another winning feature is the sophisticated illumination which accentuates the fine quality and elegance of the premium Wolford collection. Despite the compact size of the luminaires, the light is vibrant: With a CRI of 90, you are guaranteed an effective staging of the product and brilliant colour rendering.

As a matter of fact, the stores use a contrasting effect. The interior is inspired by the industrial heritage and the craftsmanship of the brand. The walls have a raw finish or are covered with unconventional materials such as woollen acoustic panels or combed render. Powder-coated fittings and natural stone embody a toughness that is softened by ribbed leather, warm woods and the gentle lighting itself. But this toughness is especially effectively contrasted with the delicate items of clothing. The consistently light colour palette of the space ranges from pure white through to feminine violet and light orange tones. In line with this, the tracks and spotlights have also been kept white.

However, Jamie is also available in black and silver, and in all RAL colours upon request. The spotlight also comes in two model sizes – Jamie 200 and Jamie 300. Other features include two power levels, three colour temperatures, DALI dimming and up to four beam angles. Both model variants can be rotated by 350° and swivelled by 90°. In the top-of-the-range version, Jamie 300 can also be ordered with the MinusBlue LED innovation. This generates a light spectrum similar to sunlight. Products that are illuminated using this technology appear to an observer as if they were in daylight, meaning that colours are perceived accurately and the details of surfaces and structures can be appreciated. 

At the same time, the well-being of customers and staff has been brought further into the limelight - because MinusBlue delivers a light that has a positive effect on hormone balance and people’s natural performance.

Michael Cappello, CEO of LTS