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Ravensburg - the city of towers and gates - is reflected in the facade of the new administrative building. The building complex is predominantly made of glass, on all sides and extending over five floors. Surrounded by a light frame, the window facade looks stylish but also sleek and characterful due to the consistent use of materials. This office complex is an impressive, modern building with two structures that are illuminated all around. These are accessed via two separate stairway towers. This is where all the central processes of Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG are brought together. The building was designed by the Tettnang architecture firm wassung bader architekten PartGmbB ( And the interior design was developed in collaboration with CAPPA+STAUBER architect network (

Upon entering the foyer of the new Vetter head office, the sense of space is dominated by the stylish sophistication of the architecture. The large entrance hall, with a glass frontage continuing around the corner and extra-high ceilings, creates an open and impressive effect. The centre point of the lobby is the free-standing reception desk, with Lichtkanal lighting from the Tettnang lighting manufacturer, LTS, floating above it. These clear light lines provide structure. The three square-shaped Lichtkanal units are suspended in an offset position and therefore produce a geometrically interwoven light pattern. This sets the scene perfectly for the rectangular, white Corian reception. Visitors are discreetly directed to the first visual highlight: the bright and friendly reception. A requirement of the architecture was to make sure the light accentuates the premium-quality interior of the building, something which it has achieved beautifully and which really comes into its own here.

In the background, there are waiting and meeting booths separated by glass walls. They are designed to be spacious and allow plenty of room for interaction and communication. A full-height display wall showcases pharmaceutical rarities and exhibits pieces from the pharmaceutical company’s history. This glass wall separates waiting areas and passageways from one another. The sophisticated lighting concept aims to create an inviting environment and to highlight and reflect the identity of the company. This is achieved with just a few carefully selected materials, uniform light stone floors combined with the open design and lots of light. Fliq, the square LTS recessed ceiling spotlight, is used for general lighting and is perfectly suited to the comings and goings of this visitor area.

Capturing the zeitgeist

The building is designed for around 1000 employees and boasts a modern construction concept. In the execution of this project, the family business has placed great emphasis on style and the spirit of the times. This sense of modernity is primarily reflected in the new staff restaurant. The premium-quality canteen is an independent space with a terrace and cafe area. The “ATRIUM” is also housed on the ground floor and has a futuristic, yet warm character due to the selection of materials and the carefully considered lighting concept.

A pentagon of light

Two pentagons are arranged like islands in the space and are open in the direction of the glass frontage and the outside area. They each form a self-contained unit, surrounded by 2.5m-high, inclined lamellae (slats). Inside, there is bench seating all around the edge and four individual tables. The lamellae harmoniously surround the bench seating like a cocoon and divide the light-flooded space along the south-facing glass facade into different areas. The special feature: a pentagon of light floating above it all. These five-sided Lichtkanal units were specially produced for Vetter by LTS.

The wooden lamellae are an often-repeated stylistic device and are used as walls or room dividers. They create separation without forming a barrier and allow for a sophisticated interplay of light and shadows, providing permeability throughout the space. The light, white-washed ash creates an inviting and friendly effect. The generous, light-flooded room concept feels open but also intimate due to the formation of the booths. A varied and exciting lighting atmosphere changes with the time of day and the influence of daylight according to the time of year.

There is a touch of exclusivity in the Vetter staff restaurant, where numerous large and small disc-shaped light points float over the round and square tables. These circular LTS ceiling luminaires, aptly named Lunata, enhance the character of the premium ambience. These were specifically chosen by the architect Elke Stauber (interior design: CAPPA+STAUBER architect network and integrated into the room concept:

“In order to create a cosy atmosphere in these very tall spaces, we have these circular luminaires of different sizes suspended at just 2.10m, creating a lighting level at head height. Thanks to the thin cables, the mountings are hardly visible and the light points appear as if they were floating.”

Elke Stauber

With 450 seats, there is plenty of space to hold conversations in a comfortable environment or to take a pleasant break in order to switch off and recharge for a moment. In good weather, people can move seamlessly onto the adjacent outside terrace with around 100 seats. This area is a very pleasant place to be, surrounded by sophisticated green areas with a specially created pond. A recreational area right in the middle of the busy Kammerbühl industrial district.

Back in the building, the LTS Fliq spotlight is used throughout for general lighting in the extensive corridors and passageways. It belongs to the Flixx spotlight family and appears here in the square format. The requirement for the Fliq 400 was that there should be no loose parts in the ceiling, because the panelled ceiling must be accessible. This means that it has to be easily opened and accessed at any point. Flexible use during operation is a significant advantage of accessible ceilings in comparison to closed ceilings. As a result, LTS developed a special frame for the recessed spotlights, which simultaneously functions as a reinforcing frame for the ceiling and to secure the converter. This is not only a sustainable solution, but also an economical variant for the building owner.

Uniform lighting concept with open lines of sight

Over five floors and a net area of 25,840 square meters, alongside the innovative office spaces, there are around 40 meeting rooms, all fitted out to the highest standard and with state-of-the-art lighting. Over 2500 luminaires from LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH have been installed in total. The building owner’s representative and project manager from Vetter’s technical project management department, Judith Vieren, is proud of the brilliant result:

“I am particularly impressed by the huge number of luminaires that have been installed. It is a dramatic result, especially when you see how coherently everything comes together and how the LTS light points work in harmony with the natural light.”

Judith Vieren

Instead of large open-plan office spaces, Vetter has opted for smaller office units in which just four to six people can work together. This allows for a focused and quiet working environment. On every floor and in each office tower, these clusters are provided with sanitary facilities and an inviting kitchenette with a small counter area. According to the architect of the building, Harald Bader, the lounge areas have been intentionally kept small to encourage people to use the ground floor and the ATRIUM.

This state-of-the-art recessed downlight has optimum glare control (UGR<19), which makes the spotlight with a non-reflective matte reflector the optimum lighting choice for meeting rooms and over computer stations. This powerful little unit comes with maximum luminous efficiency and passive cooling with a cooling body made of die-cast aluminium. The “Made in Tettnang” LTS spotlight creates a uniform and harmonious effect in any ceiling.

With the new Vetter headquarters in Ravensburg, a new working environment has been created in which employees can feel comfortable. It allows space for energy and creativity and promotes efficiency and productivity in each individual. The impressive building complex also promotes Vetter as a modern company and attractive employer. It is a totally flexible and highly modern office building, which can be adapted to changing requirements and demands at any time.

Both companies, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG and LTS Licht und Leuchten GmbH, have their origins in Ravensburg. Now, although the two companies have a global presence, they have long been committed to their sites in Upper Swabia. Vetter is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies for sterile filling and packaging of syringes and other injection systems - for treating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, severe rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.  The globally operating company supports pharmaceutical manufacturers from the initial development of new preparations to worldwide market supply. 

Vetter has invested around 50 million euros in constructing the new building according to the latest building and environmental standards.

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