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When setting foot in the premium showroom of the new C. Bechstein Centrum Nürnberg you immediately feel the elegance and luxury of the place. The most precious pianos and grand pianos are perfectly arranged – similar to a composition with precisely chosen notes. All staged by premium LTS luminaires. Every instrument is a masterpiece highlighted by a unique illumination concept. The sophisticated staging and lighting create a visually attractive piece of art and bring out the first-class instruments. And each instrument is presented in such a way that it seems to be at the very centre. Instruments from C. Bechstein, W. Hoffmann and Zimmermann are displayed over three floors. The curved body shapes with their grand open lids seem particularly impressive and have given the instrument its name: grand piano.

The professional lighting concept singles out the stars among the exhibits. LTS spotlights fully bring out the true colours and dimensions of woodwork, polish and shape of the musical instruments. The luminaire manufacturer LTS from Tettnang near Lake Constance supplied high-quality lighting to ensure brilliance and reflections on the high-gloss paintwork of the surfaces. Despite the size of the pianos and grand pianos, the rooms appear open, bright and elegant. Among others, Bixx from LTS supports this effect with its innovative spotlight technology. The compact and minimalistic spotlight directs the viewer’s full attention to the illuminated objects. Its great flexibility and the fact that it is easy to turn and swivel makes it perfect to set highlights in shops. With its long-standing experience in shop lighting, LTS has designed the spotlights to flexibly illuminate the room. This flexibility enables the installation to be rearranged individually whenever layout concepts and presentation plans change, giving each instrument and exhibit the shiny attention it deserves. LTS’s premium PRI plus specular aluminium reflectors guarantee optimum light yield and perfect glare control.

A beautiful experience for eyes and ears

The central sales room is designed in such a way that it can be rearranged into a concert hall. State-of-the-art concert lighting with colour control is enabled via a radio-based Casambi control system. Depending on the luminaire and its individual settings, an app or standard light switch can be used to dim or change the colour of the light. Also when the salesroom becomes a concert stage. Piano lovers, both amateurs and professionals, feel like real stars and are enticed to tinkle the ivories of these top-class instruments.

Another special feature: On the ground floor, a workshop with glass walls gives interesting insights. Both passers-by and customers can look over the piano maker’s shoulder. The combination of natural daylight and artificial lighting has been attuned to the piano maker’s visual needs during work. In addition, the workshop is also a shop window – staged in a visually appealing manner. All showrooms, provided with classy natural-oak hardwood floors and the radiant illumination by LTS, showcase the value of the instruments as well as the spiral staircase made of white marble. The elegant lighting concept creates a flowing transition between the different floors.

On the first floor, the ceiling has been lowered to improve acoustics, and visitors feel like they have entered a quiet retreat. Top sound quality is guaranteed in this room when playing the immaculate and well-tended instruments. One almost feels detached from the hustle and bustle of the historic city centre of Nuremberg. The combination of various pre-programmed lighting scenes, timer functions and customised settings skilfully rounds off the perfectly tuned experience of space, light and sound, also in terms of visual perception. The, managing director Jens-Uwe Lemcke is particularly proud of the flexibility:

We really wanted this distinctive former bank building to shine in new splendour at the city centre of Nuremberg. That is why we really benefitted from the consulting service offered by LTS and the years of experience the luminaire manufacturer holds. It allowed us to implement our ideas and requests in such a way that this new splendour is the first thing you see and feel in our new showroom.

Jens-Uwe Lemcke, Managing Director C. Bechstein, Nürnberg

Pure sounds behind bars

Those visitors who want to try their skills under professional recording studio conditions or listen to the pure sound of an instrument will find the perfect place in the C. Bechstein Centrum Nürnberg. The former bank building from the 1950s disposes of an extravagant room: an old, 140 square metre vault in the basement. During the complete renovation, the vault including its massive door was kept and converted into five soundproof studios.

The LTS Lichtkanal guides the musicians directly to the booked acoustic booth. The Jamie spotlight sets highlights on the walls which are decorated with pieces of art. When passing by, visitors get a glimpse of the piano maker’s craft and learn about the lives of important pianists. The acoustic booths are used as practise rooms and feature the technical sophistication of state-of-the-art recording studios. As soon as you enter one of the five studios, you can feel the pleasant light, acoustic and room atmosphere. Like in all other sales rooms, a complex ventilation system ensures fresh air and perfect humidity for the provided premium grand pianos. Soundproof glass doors give a sense of openness preventing potentially arising feelings of anxiety. In addition, an elaborate illumination concept ensures sufficient brightness in the basement rooms without windows. Focussed and glare-free light over the individual instruments in the sound booths allows for concentrated and creative working.

On a surface of 725 square metres, top-notch sales rooms were created, all in the style of the C. Bechstein corporate identity. The highly successful LTS lighting concept is currently also being installed at the new C. Bechstein Centrum in Berlin.