Gabor Outlet

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real Innenausbau AG

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Mindelheim, Germany

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When hundreds of customers shop in the factory outlet at one of the biggest shoe manufacturers in Europe every day and nobody misses the natural light, it could be thanks to the MinusBlue innovation from LTS.

Women and shoes – this seems like a winning combination. According to a survey, around 45 percent of the women in Germany buy new footwear two to three times a year. A fact that is much appreciated by the brand, Gabor. The well-known shoe brand has been growing steadily for decades, and last spring, just in time for the opening of the new logistics centre in Mindelheim, Gabor also established the first factory outlet in an area of approx. 300 m2. LTS took care of providing a special lighting concept so that all the products could be presented in the right light.

We deal with discerning customers who want to look at their shoes, the material and the colours in natural light.

Martin Dentler / real Innenausbau AG, Külsheim, Germany

The challenge is that staff and customers have to manage almost without any natural light inside the building. The decision was made in favour of Jett series luminaires, which were mounted in ceiling panels as recessed variants, and mounted on tracks on other surfaces. All products are first completely equipped with the new MinusBlue technology.

This ensures that neither red, nor green, nor blue light emits insufficient wavelengths and therefore comes as close as possible to imitating sunlight. In this way, illuminated objects are seen in their true colours and their intrinsic brilliance is portrayed. Thanks to MinusBlue, different surfaces, structures and textures can be more easily and clearly distinguished in terms of their depth and detail.

MinusBlue provides a light that does not negatively affect the body in any way. In fact, MinusBlue has a positive impact on the hormonal balance and the natural performance of staff, customers and users.