El Paradiso Patisserie GmbH

Lighting designer
toc. designstudio

toc. designstudio

Nuremberg, Germany

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Light is used in a targeted way to draw the attention of customers. LTS luminaires are installed in this shop in order to attractively present the delicacies in a carefully considered display.

The Patisserie Tafelzier in Nuremberg is a feast for the eyes and the palate. The ornately decorated pralines, macarons, tarts or éclairs are little masterpieces of the French art of baking. A visit to Tafelzier is also extra special because the overall architecture and cleverly considered lighting concept are in harmony with the products of Patissier, Jens Brockerhof.

The installed Jett 100 spotlights from LTS are black and therefore blend into the black ceiling. In contrast, the walls, furniture and floors dazzle in white and create an attractive backdrop for the vibrant calorie bombs. The creative execution of the project was all down to the team at Nuremberg interior design company, toc. designstudio, whose exclusive lighting concept draws the attention of the customer to the delicious goods on offer at Tafelzier.

With its clean lines, the spotlight fits harmoniously and modestly into the shop concept, and a special LED chip enables the products to be presented in a light that is suitable for baked goods, making them look particularly tasty and aromatic.

Torsten Haardt / toc. designstudio, Nuremberg, Germany

With a maximum rotation angle, the Jett 100 lighting solution can be operated flexibly enough to enable the space to be used differently according to the season for presenting the confectionery. Thermal management also plays an important role. The spotlight does not emit any heat in the lighting direction, and so the sweet masterpieces perfectly maintain their shape, even when they are illuminated on the counter.